Chicory farm Lof.

Directly from the farmer!

The CHICORY GROWING KIT is an idea and design by Chicory Farm LOF. For over 30 years, LOF. has been cultivating delicious, healthy white and red chicory. The chicory roots provided with the growing kit are cultivated by the people of LOF. in the field and are the same as those they use in the nursery themselves.

Extraordinary employer

Chicory Farm LOF. is registered as an 'Extraordinary EMPLOYER'. This means that LOF. commits itself as a socially responsible employer to residents of the Noordoostpolder who are distanced from the labor market.

Certified chicory

Chicory nursery LOF. Cultivation Planetproof certified chicory: a healthy product grown with respect for people and animals. If you choose Planetproof, you are making a sustainable choice!

Download here the corporate brochure or view our company website.